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With the invention of the printing press came mass production of the word.

With mass production the word became a dynamic source of transformation.

Dr. Wayne Edwards has long believed in the power of words and uses them to inform, to entertain and, when done correctly, to effect social change.

words.by.edwards is his laboratory for written expression.

Drawing upon his experience as Vice President of Artist & Repertoire for Capitol Records, Senior Director of Media Relations for Mercury Records and 
West Coast Marketing Director for CBS Records, “Can’t Touch This” chronicles the story of one man’s love affair with music and the industry determined to destroy it.  It speaks the truth as only Wayne Edwards can speak it.  For excerpt and further information, visit www.wayneedwardsauthor.com. “Can’t Touch This” is also available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.


I understand the uproar about the lack of diversity in 2016’s Oscar nominees.  You always want to see yourself represented in these types of awards programs, especially when you believe there are performances worthy of consideration.  But jumping on the rally cry of Jada Pinckett-Smith, Will Smith, Spike Lee and others to boycott the awards is equally problematic. Continue reading

Access & Opportunity Still Just A Dream For Black Executives

I was thrilled to hear Denzel Washington’s recent announcement that he will produce adaptations of all 10 works of the late, great playwright August Wilson.  Wilson’s forte was crafting tales of Black life in twentieth century America.  Having seen his brilliant “Fences” on Broadway and the equally compelling off-Broadway production of “Jitney,” the possibility of his plays being available on HBO for millions of television viewers put a smile on my face. Sadly, I couldn’t help but wonder if any black executives had a hand in green lighting the project. Continue reading

N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” Movie Brings Back Memories

It was either late 1988 or early 1989.  I can’t recall now.  What I do remember when I entered the office of Ruthless Records is the blood red carpet in the middle of the room.  On top of it was a massive desk.  Seated behind the desk was a man, quite massive in his own right, in a suit as red as the carpet.  He nonchalantly puffed on a cigar, occasionally adjusting the matching red derby on his head.  Turning away from this unusual sight might have been difficult if not for the huge jet-black Rottweiler monitoring my every move. Clearly my best bet was to focus on the five young men I came to see.  Group leader Eazy-E, producer Dr. Dre, lyricist Ice Cube and group mates DJ Yella and MC Ren, collectively known as N.W.A, an acronym for Niggaz Wit Attitude, were waiting for me to start questioning them. Continue reading

Why Write “Can’t Touch This”? Simple Question; Complex Answer.

Welcome to the reboot of www.wordsbyedwards.com.  It’s been over a year since my focus shifted from blogging to completing my first book, Can’t Touch This: Memoir of a Disillusioned Music ExecutiveWhen it comes to writing I’m not sure anything can match the thrill of seeing your manuscript grow from a concept on your computer to birth as a published book, but, I must say, it feels good to get back to words.by.edwards which, despite the longer-than-anticipated hiatus, remains a vehicle for sharing not only my thoughts and opinions, but those of other writers and critical thinkers as well. Continue reading

guest blog by glenda taylor: to lead or not to lead

Leadership is one’s ability to step into the invisible, the realm of the unknown, that state of being in which one sees the possibilities of that which exists outside of the elements of the social contract. It is the leader who notices and acts upon what she or he perceives as an intrusion upon that which is just, that which is fair, that which needs to be improved upon, that which is perhaps a disconcerting societal norm. In that space, the leader gives voice to and takes action which can manifest itself in the form of art, music, protest and/or the organization of people and forces to agitate, ignite, promote or sustain a specific objective. Continue reading

third (and final) excerpt from “can’t touch this: memoir of a disillusioned music executive”

The recording industry is littered with bizarre stories, but few are crazier than the one shared with me by a young, up and coming concert promoter.  I’ll call him Jim because, frankly, I wouldn’t remember his name if someone whispered it in my ear.  Besides, what stuck with me all these years was the tale, which was far more relevant than the poor guy telling it. Continue reading

guest blog by ron carter: lupita nyong’o — hers is an image of class personified

Lupita Nyong’o won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. During the Oscar celebrations she exhibited grace, beauty, intellect and consistency.  Throughout the Oscar season, the day the Academy Award nominees were announced thru the ceremonies held on March 2nd, Miss Nyong’o became an international sensation. Her beauty and grace could not be overlooked. Continue reading

Guest Blog By Russell Ferguson: Whitenicious? Yes, We’re Still There In 2014

Nigerian/Cameroonian pop singer Dencia has been in the headlines recently. She’s been criticized for her skin lightening product, Whitenicious. Launched in January 2014, Whitenicious reportedly sold out its initial run in 24 hours! No doubt sales were bolstered by the astonishing before and after visuals comparing black Dencia to white Dencia. Continue reading